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If youre brave enough to turn to a darker power in order to improve your life or get something you want then these six comprehensive steps will guide you through the process of offering your soul to satan or a lesser demon in exchange for diabolical favours like fame fortune and powerif you want to sell your soul the first thing you have to do is find the devil the most well known story of someone selling their soul is that of robert johnson a bluesman who went to a crossroads at the junction of highways 61 and 49 in clarksdale mississippi there he allegedly traded his how to sell your soul to the devil 9 ways to tell if youre possessed 13 most dangerous demons 8 steps to turn any man into your slave sea butterflies worlds biggest butt how to tell if youre cursed god particle found in new jersey how to tell if your pet is possessedenough of the silly head bashing and back to basic science souls do not existthe whole idea of souls doesnt make any sense the extent to which our personality character and consciousness is affected by changes to our body chemistry means that it is clear to biologists and psychologists that we are our bodies particularly our brainsit is our bodies that we should care forselling your soul to the devil may be one of the easiest ways to make your dreams come true satan is powerful and you have what he wants your soul if you can give it to him perhaps he can grant your wish but the question most people ask is how and what is involved

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