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Beyond The Brain How Body And Environment Shape Animal And Human Minds PDF, ePub eBook

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Beyond the brain how body and environment shape animal and human minds 1st edition by louise barrett author visit amazons louise barrett page find all the books read about the author and more see search results for this author are you an author beyond the brain is an astonishingly good book both substantive and fun to read barrett re centres the field on the study of animal cognition i think this is an excellent decision and not just because it allows her to tell some great animal storieswhen a chimpanzee stockpiles rocks as weapons or when a frog sends out mating calls we might easily assume these animals know their own motivations that they use the same psychological mechanisms that we do but as beyond the brain indicates this is a dangerous assumption because animals have different evolutionary trajectories ecological niches and physical attributesin march 2009 a short research report in the journalcurrent biologycaught the attention of news outlets around the globe in the report mathias osvath described how over a period of ten years santino a thirty one year old chimpanzee living in furuvik zoo northern sweden would collect rocks from the bottom of the moat around his island enclosure in the morning before the zoo opened beyond the brain acts as a potent reminder to young and well seasoned neuroscientists alike that the nervous system is encased in and interacts with other tissues to create an animals overall functional capabilities ie the brain is embodied furthermore an embodied system dynamically interacts with and modifies the environment in

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